Author: Passive Finance

KP started in 2016 to take a more disciplined approach in his quest for financial freedom via passive income generation, and to help those that shared a similar mission along the way. He shattered the "$1M net-worth" glass ceiling a few short years into his working life, and today, is on track to be able to retire in his early forties. After 12 years of working in Technology and FinTech, he built up passive income streams that bring in just over $35K a year. His goal is to build up enough of his passive streams to give up life in Corporate America, and work for himself (or have the option not to!). Freedom of choice is one of the main motivations why Passive Finance got started. You can do the same. Follow along his journey as he shares: 1. Kickass Strategies and Tactics that you can apply almost immediately, and guiding principles to fall back on in moments of doubt 2. Financial profiles of real people that you can learn from 3. His own progress toward Financial Independence. ...and everything else it would take to turn you into a Passive-Financier! Sign up to receive his articles via email every time they are published.